Your plate is already as full as your Inbox, so why suffer by juggling multiple vendors to get all of your mobile marketing, QR codes, web development, graphic design, social media profile customization & video production services?


What if your marketing headaches could be solved with just ONE phone call or email? After all, your time is better spent on income-producing activities than trying to coordinate five or six service providers.

320 Multimedia Marketing has been building websites, writing copy, designing graphics, developing corporate branding, recording audio and producing video for local and national clients since 2002. In fact, I’ve personally spent more than 35 years in marketing across an extensive range of industries. 320 is the result of that marketing expertise combined with a love of multimedia and social media.

So whether you need a logo designed, collateral printed, or a mobile website developed, 320 can help. Perhaps you need search engine optimization  or online marketing services instead. The good news is that 320 can help you with those, too!

Need more reasons to choose 320?

Fair enough. Here are additional reasons why 320 is the answer:

Reason #2

320 is built on a different business model as a company. To save you money, we don’t carry the overhead of a large staff or expensive facility. What you may not have considered is that a firm staffed with employees is obligated to pay them, regardless of what they produce in those 40 hours each week. That means the employer is motivated to have them attempt projects they may not be trained for, in order to justify their salary. But do you really want someone inexperienced struggling to learn complex skills on YOUR project?

Instead, I structured 320 so that I have an extremely gifted primary programmer, as well as a roster of other professionals from which I can select the most appropriate one for the tasks involved. This way, you get the best of both worlds – TALENT at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Reason #3

There are few firms that have both the scope and depth of experience that I’ve amassed more than 35 years in sales and marketing. That takes us from being “order takers” [who merely give you what you ask for] to marketing strategists, who give you what you NEED in order to get results. You can learn more details on my About page.

Reason #4

I personally invest 10 – 20 hours each week keeping abreast of industry research and new developments in business, marketing and technology. Then, I produce a free, interactive, digital newspaper that pulls articles about social media, business, technology and mobile and more into one, convenient location for you. While all of that is unpaid time for me, it reaps great benefits for YOU!

We invite you to explore our gallery of projects and testimonials from 320 clients. Then call or email me to experience the difference that 320 makes!

Reason #5

My clients have almost always become personal friends. You may feel that’s irrelevant because your only interest is in getting your project produced, which I understand. But consider this – all other things being equal, wouldn’t you prefer dealing with someone that always looks for the bright side of things and makes the process a pleasure for you?

Now that you see the wisdom of using 320, let’s connect!